When a person loses the ability to make informed decisions about health or financial matters, it may be necessary to have someone assume responsibility for that person’s affairs. Unless the person has previously granted that authority through a power of attorney, a court must appoint someone to assist.

This process is known as a guardianship proceeding. The decision to pursue guardianship is a complex and critical one. It may be necessary to protect an incapacitated person’s finances or personal well-being.

If you fear that a friend or loved one is at risk due to their incapacity, we can assist by discussing possible alternatives, and, if guardianship is appropriate, preparing and filing the correct documents. We will also make sure that the person alleged to be incapacitated is accorded due process and, if a guardian is appointed, advise that person on their duties and responsibilities.

Law Office of MSC - Closure message

In compliance with Governor Wolf’s Order, the Law Office of Michael S. Connor has closed its physical site for client meetings. However, we are available to provide legal services by phone, email, or, if available, video conferencing. Our intention is to serve out clients as seamlessly as possible.

Our attorneys will respond to emails as quickly as possible and we are able to have our phone calls forwarded directly to our computers. 

For the time being, our physical mailing address is P.O. Box 235 Lafayette Hill, PA 19444. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance with your estate planning, estate administration and elder law needs.

Many people may find that this is an ideal moment to complete their estate plans. We can schedule a consult by phone and use email to draft and review documents. We can schedule appointments to have documents signed when our offices re-open or send you your prepared documents with instructions for proper execution.

Please contact us if you require assistance or would like to make a referral.